Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm Back in the Saddle Again

I'm jumping on the bandwagon people! I'm gonna do it! I've begun to enter the Brave New World of...

Duh duh duh Duh! duh DUH!

Crock-Pot Cooking combined with Freezer Meals!

I've been trying to eat healthier along with my 5K training. I've lost (a bit of ) weight before, and I can say that the easiest way to lose weight is to have a limb amputated. If that's not working for you, then try watching what you eat and exercising more. Like, duh.

So I've been scouring the country via Food Blogs, looking for some great recipes and ideas on how to be better prepared so that I can have healthy, tasty meals ready to go.  I've seen a lot of great ideas for freezer meals and using your crock pot.

The first up is one that I kind of just made up. I call it Chicken-Onion-Carrot -(fill in the blank with appropriate adjective here). It was really simple as it was just chicken, onions and carrots (surprising, no?). If you like those three ingredients, then you'll love this. If you don't like those ingredients, then, go eat a burger.

Bill gave it a 4/10 and ate about 1/3 of a carrot. It wasn't really his thing. (I'm sure he would have rather been eating a burger.)

Taya gave it a 10/10, but I think that's just because I made it. Although T does love chicken and carrots. And she ADORES rice. I served this with a side of yellow rice (rice cooked in the rice cooker with some chicken base - super yum!).

I made up several of these freezer meals Monday - just cut up a bunch of ingredients (we did mostly carrots and onions), add some chicken or beef (or other meats) and whatever else that goes along with that recipe.

Sorry, no pictures of the final product. I'll get better at this ... promise. 

Here's the recipe:

Chicken (enough to feed your fam)
Carrots (1-2 cups - cut up however you like them)
Onions (1 chopped into chunks - that way if someone doesn't like onions they can just take them out)
salt and pepper

Place in crock pot and cook on low for around 6-7 hours. I didn't add any water to it, and it was fine. The chicken was a little dry, but boneless, skinless chicken breast has a tendency to be dry without any added moisturizer (don't we all?), but some people (like my mom!) like their poultry dry. 

Bill's padres came over last night and finished off the rest and they really liked it, so I guess it was a half-n-half hit. Also, when they came they brought me an early birthday present!

Yippee!! I had really wanted a crock pot with one that would switch to "keep warm" when it was finished cooking.  I've got some Teriyaki chicken cooking away in it now, so stay tuned for that recipe! 


Katie Leigh said...

Ooh, I want a Crockpot with switching abilities. We've been eating lots of Crockpot food lately. I'll need to look through my recipes and see if there are any Bill-safe healthy ones for you.

jkhoek said...

I love when you blog! And I LOVE a new good crockpot recipe to try! I'll look forward to more from you :)
And...way to go with your c25k progress! You can do it!!! I love that T is your "trainer". She's so adorable. miss you guys so much!